Blogs from Raven Makes Gallery

  • Emerging into Spring

    Moisture Maiden Kachina Doll by Cory Ahowena
    When we step outside of the gallery space, the reassurance of the natural order of our high desert and volcanic mountain region is in full play. The refreshing, clean breeze, the first croaking of frogs, the migration of birds allows a moment of peace and remembrance of magic and wonder.
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  • Art of the Far North

    Art of the Far North
    Cape Dorset's Kinngait Studio continues the legacy of developing and promoting fine art from the creative and distinctive Inuit artists of Nunavut. Raven Makes Gallery is pleased to have curated outstanding originals and prints from past collections.
    Read more about the Cape Dorset cooperative's history and vision.
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  • The Beautiful Land

    Navajo Land, copyright Raven Makes Gallery
    Jason Parrish's confidence, extremely detailed brushwork and mastery of water-based mediums shows a level of excellence in the process of painting, but it's the imagery and inherent beauty and balance of Diné people, animals and sacred landscapes that allow you to examine the beauty and importance of his Navajo culture and "take you into a world you may never know existed."
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