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Raven Makes Gallery

Native American & First Nations Artwork and Jewelry

Ivan Howard

Ivan Howard

Dine` (Navajo) Jeweler

Ivan Howard’s silver and turquoise work can described as Victorian, exquisite, meticulous and traditional. After 5 years in the Navy, this reflective silversmith learned the art from a good friend, and few jewelers have such command or patience for his distinctive and elaborate scroll work. He uses gem quality turquoise and self-designed tools to create intricate rosettes, fans, leaf-work and complex silver bezels. With his lovely and fashion-forward partner, Marie Lee--who creates beautiful necklaces--at his side, Ivan exudes confidence and gentle humor.

This consistently first-place winner at Santa Fe Indian Market is a senior electrical technician by day, working evenings creating unique and sought-after jewelry--he’s been discovered by collectors who await his next endeavor.  Meditation and making jewelry are Ivan’s therapy, and you can’t help but feel the deeply beautiful energy he puts into every piece.