Sosakete - Roger Perkins

Roger Perkins is Mohawk, from the Bear Clan of the Akwesasne Reservation. This small reservation in Northeast New York borders Quebec and Ontario. Roger currently resides in San Francisco and is a graduate of the Institute of American Arts in Santa Fe.

Powow Pop Art showcases his style in innovative and humorous ways, in which he uses American Indian imagery that was often used in advertising. He merges these photos and ads, Hollywood ephemera and Indian Americana into digital compositions, which he then prints. His bright, archival inks are applied to canvas and  a final UV varnish is applied for protection.

Roger resides in California and works full-time as an artist and teaches on his reservation. In addition to developing Powow Pop Art, he revived the ancient art of Mohawk pottery making with the help of spiritual insight and mentors.

Roger shares his multi-dimensional artistic perspective with humor, encouraging us not to dwell, nor ignore a negative and deeply traumatic past. He moves forward in his positive and bright way, honoring his traditions as he immerses us in his contemporary vision of his heritage.