Janicelynn Yazzie

Janicelynn (Hunter) Yazzie
Dine` (Navajo)

Janicelynn is a dynamic and talented beader from the heart of the Navajo Nation.  Her family home overlooks the Del Muerto side of Canyon de Chelly.  Navajo symbols, including rugs, animals, corn, maidens, and even a Kokopelli or two, find their way into her beadwork.  

Janice’s family has been creating beautiful beadwork for years, finding a steady clientele among the local and international visitors to Canyon de Chelly.  Janice is honored that her Mother and Aunt taught her beading skills; she was able to pay her college tuition with her sales.  She continues to support her family’s endeavor to bead high quality jewelry and enter art shows.  Her work has been included in the Smithsonian Museum Catalog, and the Tesoro Cultural Center in Colorado.

Janice uses heishi beads (small shell or stones traded for centuries among the Puebloan Peoples,) quality glass beads, and is particular that her work feels fluid and smooth to the touch.  She is willing to incorporate new designs on her beading loom, but this family’s trademark style in Navajo Rug Designs.  Her sisters are all involved in the fine craft of beading.  Raven Makes Gallery is pleased to showcase her work.