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Peggy Black

Peggy Black
Basket Weaver
Diné (Navajo)

Peggy Black lives on Douglas Mesa, just north of famed Monument Valley. This area lies at the north-central region of the vast Navajo Nation (Reservation), just across the Arizona State Line and into Utah. It is the true center for the making of the most respected and ceremonial item in the Dine world, the Navajo Wedding or Ceremonial Basket.  

Many weavers in the area of Douglas Mesa and Monument Valley still only weave the traditional styled wedding baskets. Some though, have taken this craft to a world class, art-level form; Peggy Black is one of those basket weavers. Taught by the elder women of her family, she is now teaching the younger women of the family the craft of basket weaving.

Peggy uses only the traditional used sumac willow, which she harvests and processes. She typically uses natural dyes from local resources to color her baskets. Peggy weaves both traditional and contemporary designs or themes into her works but only if the non-traditional design would not conflict with Dine` beliefs.   

An earnest person, she presents herself in clear and sturdy manner.   Her baskets possess and reflect those very strengths. We are proud to be able to present her work and look forward to representing her baskets at Raven Makes well into the future.