Lillie Bistui

Lillie Bitsui
Dine` (Navajo) Weaver
Lillie resides near Blue Gap, in the Heart of the Navajo Nation.  She learned to weave from her mother, starting with shearing, sorting, carding and spinning wool. She uses a loom crafted especially for her, and tucks it into her weaving room filled with natural light. Lillie has shared her expertise with others, including family members. She has supported her family and herself with her craft much of her life.
Lillie speaks Navajo, thinks Navajo and represents hózhó -- or the beauty, order and harmony of her world in her weavings.  She weaves classic Teec Nos Pos, but will add unique and personal elements within this honored style of rug.  She uses both soft natural wool from her family’s sheep and synthetic yarn to create her renowned rugs.