Pesavensi (Donna Humetewa Kaye)

Donna Humetewa Kaye (Pesavensi)
Hopi Artist, Arizona

Artist Pesavensi (Donna Humetewa Kaye) belongs to the Rabbit clan of the Hopi of Northeastern Arizona.

Her use of natural mineral pigments of Earth and clay she collects near the Hopi mesas enhance her canvases. Sacred symbols, patterns and the natural beauty that surrounds her home on the high mesas of Arizona are respectfully reflected in her images.

A successful and educated professional working for the Hopi Tribe, she returned to her ancestral pastimes involving art to calm and connect herself. Donna took classes offered to tribal members at her sister and brother-in-law’s mentoring art school, Hopitutuquiki, the Hopi School. There she experimented with the different cultural mediums, finding a mentor in James McGrath, co-founding faculty member and former dean of the Institute of American Indian Arts. He encouraged Donna to use resources from her beloved homeland while expressing her art.

Her home is filled with her family’s art, and the love for the Hopi People. When not working, Donna is busy helping her husband as he leads the ceremonies of the Badger/Butterfly Clan. She is involved in her own ceremonies, children, grandchildren, community and craft. She also expresses her culture through quilting.

Raven Makes Gallery is honored to offer Donna Humetewa Kaye's work.

Pesavensi translates to “sand writing or designs-ripples” a name given to her by her godmother of the Sand Clan when Donna was initiated. Donna chooses to use this signature, as it fits so well with her chosen art form.