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Shipping and FAQ

What are Your Shipping and Handling Rates?

As much as we would love to offer free shipping like Big-Box, Mega E-commerce sites, it's not feasible.  We try our best to share the cost of shipping with the artists, the gallery, and the customer.  We won't artificially inflate our prices to offer discounts or free shipping through membership fees, subscriptions, etc.  We do our best to calculate the best possible rates, through multiple shippers.  Although we know that our 'web-store' is the only option for some, we love to see you in our gallery, and...we don't have sales tax here in Oregon! 

We ship within the United States and Canada at this time.  Please reach out to us if you would like us to ship to other international addresses. Shipping is calculated at checkout for Canadian and American clients.  We ship Monday through Friday, within 48 hours of receiving your order, unless a holiday occurs on a Monday.

US shipping rates for packing, shipping, and insuring is:

*Items $0-500, approximately 10% shipping, calculated at checkout

*$500-2,000, approximately 7.5% shipping, calculated at checkout

*$2000 and over, approximately 5% shipping, calculated at checkout

For our Canadian clients, shipping is approximately 7.5 % of the price of your item(s) and is calculated at checkout.  

Fed Ex Ground and either USPS 1st class or Priority are the primary mailing options we use for shipping.   All packages are insured for the value of the item(s) and require a signature.   Tracking for the package will be provided to you via email.

Note, some art pieces in the gallery will not be sold if it is the intention of the buyer to transport them outside of the United States.   These items are primarily, but not limited to, artwork that has sea mammal parts, or ivory, which have been harvested and worked by Alaska Native Peoples.  Please contact our gallery if you have questions.

Do you ship internationally?

We ship within the US and Canada.   Please note the Customer is responsible for all duties and taxes applied to the shipment by particular nation's customs.

For residents of Australia, United Kingdom and Japan: if you wish to have something shipped internationally, contact us by phone, or email, or use or site's contact form, and we'll do our best to make arrangements to ship, at a reasonable price.  USPS Priority Mail International is a possible option for best tracking and insurance rates.  

Does Oregon Charge Sales Tax?

No, Oregon does not have a sales tax.

Do you have a Privacy Policy?

Yes, our Privacy Policy can be found on our home page footer, and our checkout page.

Do you offer discounts?

Very seldom.  We honor our artists prices, and try to strike the best possible balance for fair and ethical pricing for the artist, the gallery, and the valued customer.

Do your website pictures really look like what I might buy?

We provide photos on our website to help you visualize and choose your piece of art or jewelry.  We strive to reproduce the image of our gallery's items in high resolution, and take our pictures in both natural and artificial light.  Please realize that limitations in absolute flawless and perfect photographic renditions occur, and computer monitors and devices may have limitations as well when it comes to color variations and light saturation.  Don't hesitate to call our gallery if you have questions about color!

Do you do consignments?

We do not consign work, and buy our artwork out-right from Tribal members.  

Do you offer appraising services?

We do not appraise work.  We don't carry ethnographic pieces or artifacts.  

Many people who have Native American artwork, (often inherited) visit our gallery and would like to know more about it.  We enjoy discussing your special pieces, as long as we are not attending to customers!  Since we are not appraisers, if you would like a more in-depth, verbal-only insight/evaluation-which may or may not include reference books leads/internet search options-we would charge a $25 fee.   This can be done Monday, Thursday, or Friday, unless it is a holiday, or we are busy with customers.

Why don't you have pieces from a particular group or people that I'm interested in?

Certainly, we don't carry all possible art forms, nor do we have works from all Indigenous Peoples of the U.S. or Canada.  However, most galleries or trading posts dealing in artwork or jewelry from Native American or First Nations Peoples focus on one area or region.  We strive to offer a wider scope of work, and will expand our gallery collections as time, energy, outreach and resources allow.

I'm a Native American/First Nations' artist.  May I contact you to show you my art?

Yes, we appreciate your outreach, and will certainly consider your work.  Please email us with pictures, if possible, and your ideas, at ravenmakes@gmail.com


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