Peter Lind, Jr.

Peter Lind, Jr
Alutiiq, Alaska, Sculptor, Woodwork

Peter Lind, Jr. was born and raised in Southwestern Alaska, coming from a fishing family of the Bristol Bay area. He began working as an artist, in the late 1980's, when fishing was poor.  Peter grew up in a small village on the coast and often spent his time building models, working with his hands. Later, watching his father, Peter Lind Sr, the great carver of Aleut hunting hats (qayaatx^ux^), he came to understand that he could use his own talents to carve but wanted to work with traditional items in a more modern way. Peter Jr. hopes to use his artwork to educate and preserve Native culture for the younger generations.

Peter began with smaller works— pins and earrings—that contained beadwork his wife Susan made. He gradually worked up to the larger, more finely crafted pieces that he makes today. These include— hunting dolls of sea mammal parts, miniature shadow box replicas of Aleut hunting gear, bentwood visors from steamed Sitka Spruce, masks, and atlatls.


1991— First donation of artwork to the Alaska Native Heritage Park Art Auction.

1996— Began selling in the Aurora catalog of Alaska.

2000—Alaska Fur Rendezvous, Peter was interviewed for Heartbeat Alaska.

2001— May/ June issue of Alaska Magazine, interviewed by Dana Stabenow.

2001— His website, Bits of Alaska, is featured in First Alaskans magazine.

2003—Alaska Fur Rendezvous, Peter's Aleut Hunter Doll (carving) takes both division and first place in the juried competition.

2004— Begins offering cultural presentations in local schools regarding how native hunters lifestyle and hunting techniques. 

2005— One of the artists featured at the gallery opening for the Alaska Native Heritage Center.

 2007— Awarded grant from the Alaska Native Arts Foundation.