Long Hair


Long Hair - Atsii’ Neneez`

This animal lover and center of a loving household resides on a rugged and stunning plateau overlooking Chinle Valley in the Navajo Nation.  She has raised a handful of boys, as well as others’ children, and is a strong and traditional Navajo woman.  A prolific weaver taught by her Grandmother at age seven, Long Hair uses traditional styles to guide her.  She uses natural and synthetic dyes, and her substantial weave reflects her strong feminine sense.

An animal lover, Long Hair cares for many sheep, horses, cattle, turkeys and chickens. In her youth, she participated in rodeo, riding bulls and bareback, as well as barrel racing.  She still has her Father’s bull rope, which she used with pride.

Look for the spirit line; this humble weaver states, “When I weave, I pray for the one who gets my rug.  Wherever it goes, my prayer is.”

Raven Makes Gallery has many of Atsii’s creations, and consider her, and her family, friend.