Janice Morin

Janice Morin, Cree, British Columbia, Canada

Janice was originally from the Interior of Canada and is of the Cree People. She met her future husband, Randy Stiglitz, and moved to the coast of British Columbia over 20 years ago. From Randy, she learned the artwork of the Northwest Coast.

Janice initially began working in the Northwest Coast style while helping Randy with the painting of some of his works. She was naturally good at painting and soon excelled at it, now known for her fine details and color combinations. Janice eventually learned how to carve the masks herself.

Janice's works often depict Raven, a powerful figure of both the Cree and Northwest Coast Peoples. She also does frog, wolf, wild man and wild woman of the woods, eagle, and shaman masks. The painting on all of them show a strong, steady, and confident hand that has brought the carvings to life.