Vera Francis

Vera Francis, Navajo Weaver

This traditional and kind grandmother resides with her husband Kee near Pinon, Arizona, in the heart of the Navajo Nation. Vera weaves a variety of rug styles, including beautiful, elaborate large-loom rugs. Her steady hand and ability to keep the weft tension consistent throughout her rugs is evident in the symmetry and fine edges to her often dazzling designs. She uses a combination of undyed, natural wool in creams and subtle grays and browns and traditional dyed wools in blacks, deep reds, and bleached whites. To own one of her rugs puts you in company with many Navajo families who are honored to have one of her rugs in their family homes and hogans.
Like many weavers, Vera helps support her family with her fine craft, and Raven Makes Gallery is happy to show the world the artistry and fine craft from the heart of Diné Bikéyah.