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David Gary Suazo

David Gary Suazo
Taos (Tewa) Painter

Native of Taos, raised in Denver, David Gary Suazo began his artistry by using the empty pages in his Mother’s encyclopedia set.  His 6th grade art teacher encouraged the young artist and introduced him to Taos Society of Artists.   Exhausting the top art classes offered at his Denver high school, David moved on to hone his craft in Santa Fe at the Institute of American Indian Art.  Upon graduation, David moved back to his home town and quickly became employed by artist Frank Howell, learning the mechanics of running a gallery.  Thus inspired and further supported by his family and mentors, David opened his own gallery, Evening Snow Comes in Taos Pueblo.  

“As a full-blood Taos Indian, I draw much of my inspiration from the experience of Indian life and the values of Taos Pueblo.  The colors of the landscape, the architectural beauty of the Pueblo, the horno (the pueblo cooking oven) all symbolize the simplicity and quietness of Pueblo Life.  My objective is to express the true peacefulness in my art and to look back to the past, before modernization was introduced to Pueblo life,” explains Suazo.  

Located in his ancestral Taos Pueblo, in his Grandmother’s house, David has been painting and selling his art since 1987.  Over the years, he has toured the world with his distinctive, vibrant paintings of his beloved culture.  He has inspired his own children and community to value and express their culture and traditions. David is an award winning, best-in-show artist who teaches art, as well as how to run a successful business to young native artists.  He has been awarded many honors for his paintings, including Eight Northern Pueblos, SWAIA Indian Market, the Heard Museum in Phoenix, Millicent Rogers Museum, and many others.  You can find David Suazo’s paintings in major collections, museums and galleries, worldwide and now in Sisters, Oregon!


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