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Warren Nieto

Warren Nieto
Kewa (Santo Domingo Pueblo, NM) Jeweler

Warren Nieto lives in the Kewa (Santo Domingo) Pueblo with his family, and works from his tidy and colorful studio is at the rear of the adobe home. Warren is an artist completely prepared to produce artwork with everything at hand, in its place, ready to go at a second’s notice. All of this is conducive for an artist who is prolific and precise.

The traditions of the Kewa People go back to the time of the ancient Puebloeans—Chaco Canyon, Mesa Verde, The Cliff Dwellers of The Four Corners, Pueblo Bonito, and further back to ancestors that perhaps only the Kewa themselves are sure about. For centuries, however, it is understood that some of the greatest early jewelry makers were located here, at the center of turquoise mining and trade routes that led to Mexico, the Pacific Coast, and North to the Colorado region.

Warren works in the most traditional styles of the Kewa jewelers—heishi beads and inlaid shell, both of which are used for necklaces and earrings.  However, he is also contemporary with his works, taking new approaches to the concept of slab and mosaic styles.  A traditional young man of a very traditional people, the gallery feels fortunate to be able to showcase his creative works.