The Littleben Sisters, Navajo Weavers

Traditional Teec Nos Pos and Storm Pattern Weavings,
Littleben Sisters, Navajo Nation, Arizona

The Littleben Sisters - Irene, Darlene, Bessie, Dorothy, Jesse Littleben, Elsie Begay and Genevieve Curtis of Rockpoint, Arizona - use rich color combinations in the complicated and visually stunning Teec Nos style and Storm Pattern styles. They all learned from the matriarch in their weaving family, Lucy.

The Teec and Storm are intricate and exacting weaving styles, and in this family, color enhances their tapestry level rugs. Consistent weft tension and highly skilled use of the weaving comb is critical to get the crisp and even outlines that make this family's rugs instantly recognizable and highly sought after.

The extended family reside on traditional homelands, within one of the most beautiful regions of the Navajo Nation, a mere 15 mile as the Raven flies, from the lovely and sheltered area of Teec Nos Pos and Beclabito.