Cody Hunter

Cody Hunter
Dine` (Navajo)

Cody Hunter’s jewelry reflects his story; you will see hogans, weavers, grandmothers, and animals that live where he and his family reside--near the mouth of Tseyi, or Canyon de Chelly National Monument.  Here he tends to his livestock, and plans his next rodeo. Cody reflectively states that although he understands an artist’s bio, he feels his jewelry speaks for him, and for itself.  For over thirty years, it’s done just that.  He declines to have a photo of himself included in his biography.

Cody develops his distinctive silver and gold pieces layer by layer, and uses his fine saw to laboriously cut the figures showcased within his highly collected, nearly three-dimensional Inner Beauty Bracelets, pendants and bolo ties.  The outside may be contemporary and modern, but it’s what’s on the inside; layers and insets of silver and gold that gently reflect the timeless beauty of the Canyon country, the Sacred Spider Rock, and the story of Dine’ Bikeyah, or Navajo Land.  

The  patience and effort Cody employs in each piece to support his family and culture enhances the dynamic market and value of Navajo Jewelry.