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Featured Artist

Award Winning Blackfeet Beader, Jackie Larson Bread

Beaded Portrait Bag, 'Bi-yazh', by Jackie Larson Bread


Beaded Portrait 'Canteen Bag' of the Navajo Boy, Bi-yazh', photographed in 1905 by Carl Moon.

Stunning museum quality beaded portrait on hand crafted, smoked and brain tanned deer skin; braided deerskin strap, two small jingle bells, blue satin lining

Congratulations, Jackie, for your second Best in Show award at 2019 Santa Fe Indian Market!

  • Length, including strap: 26 inches
  • Bag diameter: 7 inches

Jackie Larson Bread, Blackfeet, Montana

Jackie's Bio

Featured Weaver

Marie Sheppard, Blue Gap, Arizona

Storm Pattern with Raised Outline Navajo Rug, by Marie Sheppard


Storm Pattern of Raised Outline Weaving Technique, Navajo Rug

  • 30" by 60"

Marie Sheppard weaves a variety of rug styles, but is best known for her raised outline rugs in dazzling designs. She uses a combination of undyed, natural wool in creams and subtle grays and will often re-dye commercially dyed spun wool to colors of her choosing, or hand dye wool with her wide array of hand crafted vegetal pigments. This rug is luxuriously soft and would drape nicely on seating or a bed.

Marie Sheppard, Diné (Navajo)

Read Marie's bio here

Mixed Media and Glazes Painting, by Great Basin Artist, Melissa Melero Moose


​Blue Basket and Bronze Shells Quadriptych Painting

Willow, Pinon Shells, Acrylic Pours, and Varnish on Stretched Canvas

Textural and layered glazes in Melissa's mixed media paintings are reminiscent of glazed ceramics; each piece will glow differently in various light. Contemporary paintings that integrate a deep visual and tactile response to organic materials as well as the vast landscapes of the Great Basin.

  • 16" x 24" in total, side to side
  • single canvases are 4" x 12"

My artworks consist of contemporary mixed media paintings of images inspired by the landscape and culture of the Numu (Northern Paiute) in Nevada, California, and Oregon.

Organic objects, sand, acrylic washes and mediums are all layered intuitively to create a visual in which life in the Great Basin is told through a new medium.  Willows, tules, cattails, and pine nuts are all very important staples to the Paiute people, being sources of food, shelter, and implements made with artistic intention. 

I integrated these images and cultural organic materials into my artwork as my interpretation of landscapes and how I view the beauty of my culture as well as nature itself.  I consider these works to be a perspective of my tribe and culture through the eyes of a Native woman, mother, and artist.  

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Emerging into Spring

Mighty Buffalo Zuni Fetish, by Jayne and Lynn Quam, Zuni Fetishes at Raven Makes Gallery
When we step outside of the gallery space, the reassurance of the natural order of our high desert and volcanic mountain region is in full play. The refreshing, clean breeze, the first croaking of frogs, the migration of birds allows a moment of peace and remembrance of magic and wonder.
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