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Hello Friends and Art Lovers! Happy Holidays! We've returned from our travels and thank you for browsing our gallery while we were away. Feel free to contact us at 541-719-1182 or by email if you have any questions. 

Explore our gallery's ever-growing range of fine art and jewelry from the Southwest, Plains, First Nations and Alaska Native artists. Rich in tradition, contemporary ideas and renewed perspectives, our superb artists--from museum quality masters to innovative new talent--continue to offer positive energy and beauty to art lovers worldwide. Enjoy our fine art gallery for Native American Art in beautiful Central Oregon!  

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The Beauty of Dinétah - Navajo Land

The Beauty of Dinétah - Navajo Land
Jason Parrish's confidence, extremely detailed brushwork and mastery of water-based mediums shows a level of excellence in the process of painting, but it's the imagery and inherent beauty and balance of Diné people, animals and sacred landscapes that allow you to examine the beauty and importance of his Navajo culture and "take you into a world you may never know existed."
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The Great Basin Artist’s Show

Melissa Melero Moose, Paiute Artist

The contemporary Native American Indians of the Great Basin region include highly respected artists. Some of them use strictly traditional imagery and craftsmanship in their work, others combine these aspects with contemporary materials and concepts.  No matter the approach taken, their artistry carries astute cultural and natural understanding of the landscapes of Nevada, California, and Oregon. 

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Honoring the Past, Exploring New Possibilities

Jason Parrish, Terrance Guardipee, Roger Perkins Show at Raven Makes Gallery, Oregon

Thank you for an outstanding show, Roger Perkins, Terrance Guardipee and Jason Parrish

Ledger artist Terrance Guardipee, Blackfeet; painter Jason Parrish, Navajo, and pop-art/multi-media artist Roger Perkins, Mohawk. These well-known artists show full engagement in their cultural histories with personal insights and imagery that express powerful shifts in contemporary art. 

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