Anderson Peynetsa, Zuni Potter

Anderson Peynetsa, Zuni, New Mexico

A kind and gracious man, Anderson learned how to make pottery in the eighth grade and has developed into a consummate craftsman. He is one of the best-known potters at Zuni Pueblo working in the traditional style, and is considered one of the 'star students' of well-known potter, Jennie Laate. He continues gathering the local clay elements and the natural pigments used for painting his flowing and innovative designs on his highly collected pottery.  Anderson’s thin-walled pots are hand coiled and the designs are a progression of those used by his ancestors. His favorite motifs are rain-birds, frogs, lizards, deer with heart-line, water serpents and salamanders.

Anderson has mastered interpreting ancient designs in order to produce his contemporary themes. His jars, often large, are consistently smooth and balanced. The Walking-Deer with Heart-line design is his signature. Anderson also makes fantastic ducks and parrots pots, a favorite of collectors. He is often assisted by Avelia, his wife, who sands and polishes pots. When he collaborates with Avelia, the pots are signed "AA Peynetsa". His son, Anderson Jamie Peynetsa, is certainly gaining the eye of collectors of fine pottery, carrying on the tradition of this extremely talented potter family.

Anderson and his family exhibit at the Santa Fe Indian Market , the Zuni Show at the Museum of Northern Arizona in Flagstaff, the Heard Museum Show, and the Eight Northern Indian Pueblos Show. Their pottery is collected worldwide.

Duck Effigy Polychrome Pot, by Anderson Peynetsa