Croaking of the Frog, by Kolten Khasalus Grant

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Croaking of the Frog Mask (Kwa-Guilth)

This mask represents the annual celebration of Spring, migration, new birth and  the growing season, when the natural world once again awakens from winter.

The Kwakwaka'wakw believe that frogs are very spiritual beings. However, spirituality in all things has its ebbs and flows.  The frog's singing, in addition to being an instruction about language and communication, serves to remind us of the need to once again listen, and bring forth the spirituality within one's self.  

  • 13 inch height
  • 12 inches across, 17-18 inches with hair
  • hair drops 35 inches in length
  • alder and horse tail hair

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Kolten Khasalus Grant, Kwakwakaʼwakw, Squamish and Tlingit, Canada