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4th Friday Weekend in Person Artist Shows

Raven Makes Gallery will be welcoming some of the premier Native American/ First Nation artists to Sisters, Oregon from the end of April until the end of September in 2018. Our 4th Friday weekend shows coincide with Hood Avenue's monthly Art Strolls. For these shows, the artists will be here to greet the public on Friday, from 4:00 – 7:00 pm. They will be here on Saturday, from 11:00 to 5:00, pm and then again on Sunday, 11:00 – 4:00 pm.

April 27 - 29.   Jason Parrish, Dine (Navajo) Painter.

Jason began painting 8 years ago, soon after graduating from the University of New Mexico. Jason's work reflects his world, raised in a very traditional Navajo ranching family in the stunning Chuska Mountains of western New Mexico. The ribbons and awards are stacking up from preeminent Native American art shows—The Santa Fe Indian Market, The Heard, The Autry, and Red Earth Festival. He was juried into and displayed his works at the 50th annual Drawing & Watercolor show of the Grand Palais on the Champs-Elysees in Paris. Jason's works focuses on the Dine` people during the period of 1890 - 1945, in a unique style some describe as minimalism within contemporary realism. Jason chooses and considers everything in life quite carefully.  At this time, we are the only art gallery in the world with whom he feels comfortable offering and promoting his works.   Jason will be giving a presentation in the afternoon, on Saturday, April 28.  

May 25 - 28   Cliff Fragua, Jemez Pueblo Sculptor and Leah Mata, Traditional and Diverse Arts Northern Chumash.

Cliff graduated from the esteemed IAIA college in Sante Fe, studied at the San Francisco Art Institute, the Marble School of Pietrasanta, Italy and apprenticed under the legendary Allan Houser. Cliff’s exceptional abilities, intensive and broad understanding of his craft, and deep sense of tradition for his cultural lead to the State of New Mexico selecting him as the artist to sculpt the monumental statue, Po’Pay. This most revered of all New Mexico Pueblo People, Po’Pay was a holy man of the 1600’s who led the successful revolt against the Spanish. Cliff’s work now graces the National Statuary Hall, located in our U.S Capitol.  As well as bringing a fine selection of notable new works for the show, Cliff intends to offer a basic stone carving workshop over the weekend. Due to this also being Memorial Day weekend, Cliff intends to be in Sisters through Monday.

Leah works as a Traditional Artist creating contemporary living forms of regalia and jewelry, allowing for the opportunity to experience California Indian arts. Leah has won awards for Diverse Cultural Arts and Traditional Attire. She holds B.A. in Anthropology and a Masters in Cultural Sustainability, and is committed to environmental sustainability honored in her artistic practices. A selection of her work will be a welcome addition to our Pacific Coast region reflection in Native Art. 

June 22 - 24.  Lillian Pitt, Warm Springs Tribe, Oregon Mixed-Media. 

Oregon’s greatest contemporary Indigenous Artist needs little introduction for those aware of Native American art in our state. Lillian's works are prominently displayed at both the Portland Art Museum and Warm Springs Museum.  She is best known for her depictions of She Who Watches, a pictograph at the Columbia River Gorge.  Lillian has incorporated this image into a number of her pieces, and it has become her signature motif.  She works in a number of mediums and is one of the most multi-skilled Native American artists in the entire U.S.  Though Lillian has given a number of shows in Oregon, this will be her first one in Central Oregon in over 10 years.  We are honored to have any of the artists in attendance, but Lillian deserves a special acknowledgement and thank you for all that she has done with regard to the art of the First Peoples of Oregon.  

July, August, and September shows … all have artists fully committed.   The September show will feature three women, from one tribe. The announcement for these shows will be made in late May or early June.  

Please check our website one week ahead of a show for any additional information regarding  our Art Stroll events. 

We've acquired some wonderful pieces directly from our artists during our recent trips to the Southwest, British Columbia and Alaska. Check our online gallery for recently added new arrivals.

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Zuni pottery, Effigy Duck pot, by Peynetsa