Lizard "Monongya" Wall Doll Kachina, by Wilmer Kaye

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"Monongya" Lizard Kachina Wall Doll

  • 7 nches tall
  • 4 inches at widest

Turquoise in color like the Crotaphytus lizard found across the desert Southwest, this Kachina doll is called Monongya and participates in mixed Katsina dances and the Powamuya Ceremony. He appears to teach Hopi children right from wrong, in part by scolding clowns for misbehaving.

Monongya is also believed to be a matchmaker and advisor, and a Hopi youth might ask the Lizard for help when meeting a girl he likes.

By Wilmer Kaye, Hopi, Arizona/New Mexico