Transforming Bear Drummer Hoop Mask, by Mark and John Tetpon, Inupiat

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Transforming Bear Drummer Hoop Mask
Mark and John's attention to detail and allowing wood, walrus ivory and baleen express its natural and traditional elegance is evident in this powerful shamanic drummer transformation.
Alaska Sitka spruce wood, walrus tusk ivory, bowhead whale baleen
  • 36" tall
  • 24"width, including baleen drum extending
Mark Delatuk Tetpon, John Nasoalook Tetpon, Inupiat, Alaska
(Marine Mammal Act of 1972 requires this item to remain within the USA.)

Click for information provided by the U.S. Department of the Interior and Indian Arts and Crafts Board, and information about Alaska Native Artists' traditional and contemporary use of marine animal parts.

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