Indigenous Earth, Set of Six 1683 Maps: The Inhabited Continents by Various Artists

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Indigenous Earth

Set of six maps from 1683--

Gift of the Sun (Great Medicine Wheel of Wyoming) on map of North America, by Terrance Guardipee, Blackfeet

Willka P'itina (Sacred Knife) on map of South America, by Willian Mamani Loayza, Andean-Incan

Boazu (Reindeer) on map of Europe, by Elina Nygard, North Sami

Identity on map of Africa, by Nathi Tembe, Swati

Sagarmatha Yaka (Yak of the Mt Everest Region) on map of Asia, by Chandra Tamrakar, Newar

Garkazi Malu (People of the Sea) on map of Torres Strait Australia, by Tommy Pau, Torres Strait Islander

Each page is approximately 5 1/2" x 7 1/2", the actual size of the map on each page varies.    

Maps from: Alain Mallet's Description de L’Universe, Paris

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