Piegan Girl with Play Tipi, by Mark Shelton

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Piegan Girl with Play Tipi

Mark has used an Edward Curtis photograph, dated 1928, for this piece. The Piegan girl ponders the future, while wearing her elk tooth dress and moccasins. Her play tipi is a perfect child-size replica of the full size lodge; she is not merely 'playing house' but immersed in what will become her responsibility as a woman in her particular Blackfeet society. The tipi was a laborious task who's end result indicated strength and beauty, and each lodge reflected the woman's sacred role as home maker.

Three caramel swirled papers represent the sun, denoting time.  Specialty papers include: Egyptian papyrus, cuneiform embossed, Thai mango leaf (the sky), banana bark (teepee posts), water hyacinth and chiri (the teepee), newspaper confetti, Mexican lokta bark, and Spanish crinkle paper (grass).  

  • 24" x 18"x 1.5"
  • Hand-stretched gallery wrap (imagery continues on sides of the frame.)

Mark Shelton, Seneca, Honorary Chinook Tribal Artist, Oregon

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