Kwasaytaqa Kokopelli (Man in a Dress) Kachina Doll, by Ferris 'Spike" Satala, Hopi

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Kwasaytaqa (Man in a Dress) Kachina Doll; The Female Kokopelli and Seed Planter 

old style, contemporary work by distinctive and respected Spike Satala; this carver's Kokopellis never fail to resonate accuracy and appropriate styling of this particular and doll.

“Among the Hopis he is a Flute Player only when he borrows a flute to dance.  Usually he appears in the Mixed Kachina Dances or sometimes in a Night Dance. Despite these relatively minor appearances, he is thought of as a seducer of girls, a bringer of babies, a tutelary of hunting, and an excellent subject for the carving of tihus or kachina dolls.” Wright, 1973

Cottonwood, natural pigments, domestic fowl feather

  • About 10 1/2 inches tall, including feathers
  • About 3 inch base
by Ferris "Spike" Satala, Hopi