Komokwa, Undersea God Mask, by Ryan Morin

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Komokwa, Kumugwe

Alder, braided cedar bark

  • 10" x 14"  
  • 6"  at deepest

By Ryan Morin, Cree, British Columbia

Komokwa, the chief of the undersea world, and is the master of seals. His undersea world is protected by the octopus, and sea lions make up his house posts. He is responsible for the rising and ebbing of the tides, and his powers include the ability to see into the future, heal the sick or injured and bestow privileges to whomever he wishes. His treasures include blankets, coppers, songs and dances. If you are able to enter the realm of Komokwa, you may learn the ways of the undersea world and return home with many magical treasures.

excerpt: Don Svanvik, Mythic Beings, 1999