KaWono (Burden Basket,) by Melissa Melero Moose

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KaWano (Burden Basket)
  • 24" x 30"

Willow, Acrylic Pours, and Varnish on Stretched Canvas

by Melissa Melero Moose, Northern Paiute

"My artworks consist of contemporary mixed media paintings of images inspired by the landscape and culture of the Numu (Northern Paiute) in Nevada, California, and Oregon. Organic objects, sand, acrylic washes and mediums are all layered intuitively to create a visual in which life in the Great Basin is told through a new medium. Willows, tules, cattails, and pine nuts are all very important staples to the Paiute people, being sources of food, shelter, and implements made with artistic intention. I integrated these images and cultural organic materials into my artwork as my interpretation of landscapes and how I view the beauty of my culture as well as nature itself. I consider these works to be a perspective of my tribe and culture through the eyes of a Native woman, mother, and artist."

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