Eototo Wall Doll Kachina, by Wilmer Kaye

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 Eototo Wall Doll Kachina

Eototo is the chief of all kachinas and knows all of the ceremonies. He is the spiritual counterpart of the village chief and as such is called "father" of all the kachinas. He controls the seasons and is sometimes called the husband of Hahai-i Wuhti. He is similar in many ways to the Aztec god Ometeotl and is considered the bringer of nature gifts. Eototo is said to come from the red land of the south. Every year, he travels north to bring back clouds and rain.

  • about 8" tall
  • 2 1/2" width
  • base is about 1"

 Wilmer Kaye, Hopi, Arizona and New Mexico