Héstanėheo'o “The People”, 1852 United States, George Curtis Levi, Southern Cheyenne, Arapaho

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Héstanėheo'o  “The People” 

Size: 10" x 16"

1852 No. 5 Map of the United States

Artist: George Curtis Levi, Southern Cheyenne, Arapaho 

Map Origin:  By Augustus Mitchell, From Mitchell's School and Family Geography

Note: This map has western territorial borders including the important territorial acquisitions of the Mexican-American War and the newly completed Gadsden Purchase. Oregon and Washington territories extend to the Continental Divide in the Rocky Mountains. Utah Territory stretches from California to Kansas and Nebraska, and Nebraska is a huge territory occupying the land between Minnesota Territory, the Continental Divide, Canada and Kansas. The early depiction of New Mexico Territory occupies all of today's Arizona, as well as parts of Nevada and Colorado.