Women's Sacred Prayer to Ahuehuetl (Tree of Life) 1828 North America, by Guillermo Chavez Rosette, Aztec-Toltec

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Women's Sacred Prayer to Ahuehuetl, the Tree of Life

1828 Carte Generale de l'Amerique Septentrionale, et des Iles qui en Dependent by Adrien Hubert Brue

  • 14" x 20" (image size)

Guillermo Chavez Rosette, Aztec-Toltec

Map Origin: Atlas Universel de Geographie 

Note: The United States and Great Britain established in 1818 joint claim over the Oregon Territory - the region north of Spanish controlled Upper California up to the southern boundary of Russia's Alaska Territory at North latitude 54°40'. By the late 1830's this arrangement was beginning to fall apart. In the 1840's the expansionist Democrats, including their 1844 presidential candidate, James Polk, claimed the entire region for the United States. Their expansionist desires were expressed by Polk's famous campaign slogan, "Fifty-four Forty or Fight!" The slogan also became a rally cry for Americans desiring to settle the territory. Following Polk's election, the dispute was resolved by the 1846 Treaty of Oregon, which struck a compromise that fixed the U.S./Canadian boundary at 49º North.

This excellent map of North America and the West Indies features an embossed atlas seal below the script title. Alaska is Amerique Russe and still a bit misshapen. The United States is shown with the northern border of Oregon Territory bulging upward well into present-day British Columbia, reflecting the United States' claims in that region. Individual state and territorial borders are shown up to the Mississippi River, with a large Arkansas Territory extending above eastern Texas, still a part of Mexico. To the west of Michigan Territory is Terre. de Nord Ouest, with a number of Indian tribes named even farther west. There is very fine original outline color complete with color key, surrounded by a keyboard style border.

Map is placed in archival quality black mat.