Mixcoatl (Leader of the Hunter's Society) on 1771 Mexico and Southern United States, Guillermo Chavez Rosette, Aztec-Toltec

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Mixcoatl, Leader of the Hunter's Society

1771 Carte du Mexique ou de la Nlle. Espagne Contenant Aussi le Nouveau Mexique, la Californie, avec une Partie des Pays Adjacents ... by Bonne/ Lattre

  • 12" x 16" (image)

Guillermo Chavez Rosette, Aztec-Toltec

Map Origin: Atlas moderne ou collection de cartes sur toutes les parties du globe terrestre ar plusieurs auteurs

Note: This map covers the region from the Chesapeake Bay through California, Mexico, and Central America. It exhibits excellent detail, particularly of the Jesuit missions in Mexico and the Southwest. Numerous Indian tribes are named. The tip of Florida is shown fragmented with numerous islands and waterways. A large decorative rococo-style cartouche adorns the map.

Map is placed in archival quality black mat.