Tleteotl and the Pochtekameh (Fire God and The Traders) on 1754 Central Mexico, Guillermo Chavez Rosette, Aztec-Toltec

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Fire God and the Traders

1754 Carte de l'Empire du Mexique pour l'Histoire Generale des Voyages, Jacques Bellin

  • 8" x 12" (image)

Guillermo Chavez Rosette, Aztec-Toltec

Map Origin:  Histoire Generale des Voyages

Note: This map of Central Mexico that reaches from Durango and Tamaulipas in the north to the Isthmus of Tehuantepec in the south. Mexico City is located on the shores of a large lake. There is fine topographical detail and a number of place names. A decorative rococo-style title cartouche with a distance scale below the title adorns the bottom left corner.

Map is placed in archival quality black mat.