When The Wild Horses Came, 1859 North America, Cheryl Grunlose Colville Tribes

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When The Wild Horses Came

1859 North America

19" x 24"

Cheryl Grunlose Colville Tribes

Map Origin: By J. Andriveau-Goujon

Notes: This map does an exceptional job of identifying as many tribes as possible on the Plains and in the West. Alaska is still Russian America, with Western Canada filled with early Forts and trading posts of the Northwest Company and Hudsons Bay Company.The border between Oregon Territory and British America has now been resolved, with a massive "Northwest Territory" immediately east of Oregon Territory, pre-dating the establishment of Nebraska Territory. To the south, Utah Territory and New Mexico Territory stretch from California to the Rocky Mountains, with a pre-Gadsden Purchase border between Mexico and the US shown tracking the Gila River.