Geronimo #3, by Mark Shelton

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Geronimo #3

The Bedonkohe Apache leader was one of the most feared and respected of the last warriors fighting against Mexican and American forces. His followers knew him as Medicine Man. Most historians consider his laying down of arms-the last Indian leader to formally surrender-to be the conclusion of formal military conflicts between North America's Indigenous Peoples and the Government of the United States. He subsequently spent 23 years as a prisoner of war, during which time he attempted escapes, advocated for the return of his tiny tribe to their homelands, and found ways to earn a bit of cash.

In this work, Goyaałé's iconic gaze is properly accentuated by the soft glint in his eye. Notable specialty papers include: bougainvillea petal, Japanese spiral and ogura lace papers. Complementary colors of ultra-marine violet and hansa yellow mix together to create warm, earthy brown tones. 

  • 28" x 22"x 1.5"
  • Hand-stretched gallery wrap (imagery continues on sides of the frame.)

Mark Shelton, Seneca, Honorary Chinook Tribal Artist, Oregon

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