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Baleen Kayak with Walrus Ivory Kayaker, by Don Johnston


Laminated Baleen Kayak with Walrus Ivory & Baleen Kayaker

Don’s natural gifts for both carving walrus ivory and working with the challenging threads of baleen from traditionally harvested Bowhead whales has drawn the attention of collectors and judges of fine Alaska Indigenous art. The awards just keep coming for this innovative and committed artist.

  • 10 inches in length;  about 7 inches in height, including baleen threads atop visor
  • 9 inches in width, including span of baleen kayak paddles
The Marine Mammal Act of 1972 requires this item to remain within the USA. 

Click for information provided by the U.S. Department of the Interior and Indian Arts and Crafts Board, and information about Alaska Native Artists' traditional and contemporary use of marine animal parts, including walrus ivory.

Don Johnston, Aleut, Qagan Tayagungin

Don's Bio

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