The Ancestry, 1825 Southern Gulf Coast of Mexico, Guillermo Chavez Rosette, Aztec-Toltec

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The Ancestry

1825 Southern Gulf Coast of Mexico

  • 18" x 20" 

Guillermo Chavez Rosette, Aztec-Toltec

Map Origin: By Philippe Vandermaelen

Notes: Highly detailed regional map of the east coast of Mexico, extending from Nuevo Santander and Barra de Santander in the North to Pres. De San Felipe and Barra de S. Pedro, and including virtually all of Vera Cruz and Puebla and extending west to include Mexico City. Includes hundreds of place names, roads, rivers, mountains, lakes, and other information, including elevations of mountains. One of the most interesting regional maps of the period to appear in a Commercial Atlas.

Map is placed in archival quality black mat.