Mudhead Kachina, 1739 Western Hemisphere, by Wilmer Kaye, Hopi

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Mudhead Kachina

  • 3" x 5.5" map

1739 Western Hemisphere Map

Wilmer Kaye, Hopi

Map Origin: L’Abbe Pluche, from Le Spectacle de la Nature, France

Note: Noel-Antoine Pluche, also known as L'Abbe Pluche, was a French priest who wrote one of the most popular natural history works of the 18th century - Le Spectacle de la Nature which was first published in 1732. Although primarily about natural history it also contained maps and engravings of a geographic nature in the fourth volume of eight published. It was also translated into English in 1740.

Map is placed in archival quality black mat.