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Nellie Bitsui

Nellie Bitsui
Dine` (Navajo) Weaver

Navajo Weaver, Nellie Bitsui, is from the Tachii’nii Clan on her mother’s side, and Todacheenie on her paternal side.  Originally from New Mexico, Nellie now lives with her extended family in the Blue Gap area of the Navajo Nation.  She learned to weave in the early 70’s, from her sister-in-law, Lillie.  Nellie’s husband built her original loom, which she proudly uses to this day.  

This spunky and strong lady has created many beautiful rugs, providing a much needed income for her family.  She has taught several of her family to weave, and has hopes each generation will keep the family tradition alive.  She can weave in a variety of styles, but gravitates to the Teec Nos Pos style of weaving...bold, exciting and elaborate patterns that may reflect Nellie’s adventurous spirit.  

Living in the rugged Navajo country, the family works together to keep their multi-generational house comfortable.  If passing their way in the thaw, bring a shovel and help wrangle the mud!