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Native American & First Nations Artwork and Jewelry

Jewelry Sizing

Sizing a piece of jewelry, especially bracelets, can seem tricky, as there really isn’t a ‘standardized and universal’ size chart for wrists—unlike rings. The best way to test out a size or fit of any piece of jewelry is to try in on in our gallery! For our web-shoppers, we’ve included a measurement of each piece within the description. Feel free to call us if you have questions.


  • Measurements in the description of a necklace will include the length, end-to-end, including the bale of the necklace, if applicable, and the pendant itself.
  • If you are considering a pendant only, the length and width will be indicated.


  • If you aren’t really sure of your wrist size, consider taking a soft measuring tape and loosely measure around your wrist, where you are planning to wear the piece. Compare this to the measurements we provide. We generally provide four measurements: cuff width, at the widest or center point; the inside measurement, end-to-end, NOT including the opening, or, NOT the entire circumference. This inside measurement is what fits next to your skin. So, again, measure a bit loosely, rather than super snug. 
  • Opening size is the distance between the two ends of the bracelet opening, and is usually 1 inch for most women’s bracelets, and 1 ¼ inch for a man’s bracelet. These openings may be slightly larger or smaller, depending on the bracelet style.
  • Total circumference measurements include the total INNER and GAP measurement.
  • For a basic guideline, we’ve included small, medium, large, extra large, within a range, to help you size your bracelet.  Consider your bone structure and shape of your wrist.  Remember, a cuff is placed on your wrist below your wrist bone, and rotated to fit a wrist's more oval shape.
  • Some bracelets can be sized or adjusted a bit, but a bracelet with stones, or inlay work all the way around will be damage if bent. Single stone bracelets are often adjustable. A professional jeweler can often perform a size adjustment. We do not indicate if a bracelet is adjustable, as we feel that’s better left for you to decide.


  • Sizes are provided in our descriptions. The Internet has many ring size charts available; you can use a ring that fits you and compare it’s size to a chart, if you’ve forgotten your size! Try not to measure your ring size if your hands are cold or hot.