Ethics and Fairness

     Ethics and Fairness Statement

Artists—The owners of Raven Makes Gallery are former public school teachers who taught and lived on the Navajo Nation for over a decade; therefore, we understand the economic situation on those lands and the how a community benefits when artisans are successful. We offer artists a fair yet reasonable price for their works and purchase them outright, instead of doing consignment, so they have the money immediately.   This is a 'keystone' principal that we feel is important to follow in the gallery business, and we know that this practice often allows and motivates our artists to continue creating and offering their authentic and unique works of art.

BuyersRaven Makes Gallery’s owners traveled both domestically and internationally, as ‘seeing the world’ was a top priority. We love artwork and acquired what we could, which had to be fairly low priced. This instilled an understanding of how galleries should be—fair, honest, and transparent. The works you see are offered at the lowest price that makes them fair to artists, fair to you, the buyer, and also allows us to maintain and operate the business of a gallery. Therefore, we do not negotiate the prices.

Transparency--We encourage our potential customers to go on the Internet and compare our prices with others in this industry. Already, we’ve received a number of confirmations by Native American art collectors, or those who simply love ANY art or jewelry, that the cost of the items in our gallery is very fair or even the best they've encountered.

Thank you for supporting Native American and First Nations’ artists,

our gallery, and our artistic and cultural communities.