Batfwa, 1758 SE Africa, Tutu Mkhabela, Swati (Eswatini)

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The San, referred to as Batfwa in Siswati, were an ancient, ancestral African population in this area of the map. They are considered one of the oldest surviving Indigenous tribes of Africa, and are conservation refugees, surviving in the last of the forested mountain areas of Uganda.

1758 South Africa Map

  • 10" x 10"

Artist: Tutu Mkhabela, Swati (Eswatini)

Map Origin: Jacques-Nicholas Bellin, French Royal Cartographer, Paris

This detailed map captures the coast of South Africa eastward from the Cape of Good Hope, the Mozambique coastline, a portion of the western shoreline of Madagascar, and the Mozambique Channel.

Map is placed in archival quality black mat.

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