Elsie Stone Holiday, Diné, Basket Weaver

Navajo baskets of the calibre Elsie Stone Holiday creates are a challenge to describe. Evident in each basket is deep Diné perseverance, cultural awareness and an open-mindedness to create vibrant imagery in baskets of geometric and artistic brilliance.

Collectors have followed Elsie's progression in basket weaving through Twin Rocks Trading Post in Bluff, Utah, and the respectful collaboration and support of owner/traders Barry and Steve Simpson. On a weekend outdoor adventure from our teaching jobs in the Navajo Nation, we discovered Twin Rock's gallery of the finest weavers in Dine´ baskets. We are extremely pleased to offer a few of the finest baskets our young gallery can acquire. Visit Twin Rocks Trading post site for in depth stories, insight and history of this special place and it's unique and wonderful artists.