June 05, 2017

Expressing Cultures in Your Art Collection

By LaRita Chapman

June in the mountains of Oregon, be it the Coastal or Cascade Range, is a time to show gratitude for the moisture and long-lasting snow pack.   Waterfalls are replenished and resonantly pouring; the profusion of flowers, from rhododendrons and lupines to cinquefoils and wild daises, have burst into full bloom.  Spring is a time to clean and refresh our homes, and often a new piece of art or craftwork finds a special place in ones' collection.

Native American Art can particularly enhance our spaces.  Through the use of plant materials in basketry, fine woven wool in textiles, hand-gathered clay in pottery, and Earth pigments in paintings, these works provide an organic and connected feeling to our home and natural spaces.  

Kachina wall dolls speak to the honored seasonal cycles and ceremonies while balancing  an artistic nook or corner. Hand-carved masks of the Pacific Northwest Coastal Peoples remind us to respect and honor the oceans in traditionally powerful ways.  Unique and contemporary paintings or Arctic Inuit prints can add a fresh, even whimsical expression to more time-honored collections of art. 

As the only brick and mortar gallery in Oregon exclusively offering American Indian and Canadian First Nations artwork, we appreciate the opportunity to promote and celebrate the fine art of contemporary Native Americans in a special gallery setting. In order to help visualize this artwork in Central Oregon homes, if requested, we are available to provide consultation regarding the placement of Native American artwork, which groupings would work best for the location being considered, overall design concepts for a room, or even how new pieces might best be displayed to compliment your collection.      

This begins the busy season for our small community of Sisters, Oregon.  We look forward to seeing familiar faces stopping by and getting to meet the wide array of travelers that will also fill the coming days.  Travel safely, and take time to hike a trail for a moment, or a day!