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Poli Mana (Butterfly Girl) by Donna Humetewa Kaye (Pesavensi)


Butterfly Girl with Hopi Symbols Earth Pigment Painting

Hand gathered, ground and refined Earth minerals emit a subtle and natural glow; depicting cycles and interdependence of all life with water; Earth minerals/clays, binder, on stretched canvas

  • 20" by 20" inches,

Pesavensi (Donna Humetewa Kaye) Hopi, Arizona

The Butterfly Dance, a traditional autumn social dance of the Hopi, is also a ceremony for the squash, bean and corn harvest. Like most Hopi ceremonies, the Butterfly Dance is a petition for rain, good health and long life for all living things. The dance recognizes the butterfly for its beauty and its sacred role as a pollinator for flowers, medicine plants and corn.

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