Song of the Sea, 1780 Southcentral Alaska, by Heather Johnston, Alutiiq

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Song of the Sea

1780 Southcentral Alaska 

  • 10.5" x 14.5" map

Heather Johnston, Alutiiq

Map origins: Rigoberte Bonne's (France) map is based upon the drawings of Captain James Cook that had just arrived back in Europe from Cook's round the world voyage in 1779.  The map was drawn by Cook, shortly before his death in Hawaii.  This is believed to be the first somewhat accurate European depiction of the Southern Alaskan coast, from approximately Cordova to the Katmai Region.  Interestingly, Kodiak Island does not appear on the map.  The inset is of the entrance at [Unalaska] Island.

Map is placed in archival quality black mat.