She's Looking Into the Future, by Mark Shelton

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She's Looking Into the Future

She's Looking Into the Future is based on a photograph taken by legendary photographer Edward Curtis. Taken in either Idaho or Montana during 1909, the picture is known as Kutenai Woman.  Like other Plateau of Northern Idaho and beyond, the Kutenai engaged in communal fishing along pristine waterways, and are considered as one of the foremost traditional canoe builders to this day.

Adorned in her birch bark dress and earrings, this woman seems to be pondering her journey. Her canoe has been painted with copper acrylic and pulverized iron, as are her features.  Exceptional papers that complete this work include: red/gold kilim, newspaper confetti, Thai mango leaf, tamarind leaf, gold printed dragonfly on teal paper, pebbled gold and Mexican lokta bark. 

  • 18" x 24"x 1.75"
  • Hand-stretched gallery wrap (imagery continues on sides of the frame.)

Mark Shelton, Seneca, Honorary Chinook Tribal Artist, Oregon

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