Hopi Maidens on the Wall, by Mark Shelton

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 Hopi Maidens on the Wall

Mark based this work on Edward Curtis' 1906 photogravure of Watching the Dancers. The image shows young Hopi women, with traditional hair whorls and shawls respectfully observing the Snake Dance at their Pueblo's plaza. All maidens of the Hopi would keep their Atu’u until they married, before the shawl was handed down to another female member of the family. 

Acrylic, pulverized iron and layered specialty papers in this multi-media piece include Thai mango leaf, embossed 'crocodile' print, unryu (mulberry,) Mexican lokta bark, Bo leaf and hand-made paper by artist.

  • 14" x 11"x 1.5"
  • Hand-stretched gallery wrap (imagery continues on sides of the frame.)

Mark Shelton, Seneca, Honorary Chinook Tribal Artist, Oregon

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