Candeleria, by Mark Shelton

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Candaleria is based on a photograph taken by correspondent and photographer William Dinnwidde in 1894. Candelaria and her family were members of the small Seri tribe near Gulf of California, Sonora, Mexico. The few remaining photographic records of her family reside in the  National Anthropological Archives

Candelaria's face-painted markings were passed down matrilineally. The running ultra-marine blue and magenta acrylic paint lend her a melancholy countenance.  Acrylic and layered specialty papers in this multi-median piece include embedded fern leaf, and various Japanese lace papers, such as ogura. 

  • 24" x 24"
  • Hand-stretched gallery wrap (imagery continues on sides of the frame.)

Mark Shelton, Seneca, Honorary Chinook Tribal Artist, Oregon

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