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Tour Companies

                  Native American Owned Tour Companies on Homelands

 Some casual travelers might feel wary about being on Native American or First Nations lands. The Tribes have a level of independence, being sovereign although dependent nations; therefore, the visitor needs to realize that this will not be mainstream America.  However, having lived on a reservation for over a decade, having traveled to many other reservations, having traveled to remote destinations world wide, we find traveling to the homelands of The Peoples of North America to be incredibly rewarding experiences.  Yet, we understand the initial hesitation and avoidance of it since there are other places to go see in the world.   There is a way to break through this personal comfort barrier, however, and that is to take a tour on the homelands of a People with a company that is owned and staffed by them.   Note: Not all People have a tour company of their own and a few tribes will not offer any tours on their lands as it is against their by-laws.  

 Those companies listed here are outstanding for—a) their welcoming of visitors, b) the history and cultural awareness they offer, and c) the sights you will see on the tour.  


Canyon de Chelly National Monument in the heart of the Navajo Nation offers tours to a very sacred and stunningly gorgeous area.   These can be arranged for anything from a ½ day to a full week.

Beauty Way Tours, Leander Staley    

Tseyi Jeep Tours, Bobby Van Winkle


The 2nd and 3rd Mesa areas of the Hopi Lands offer the most ancient of pathways and incredible beauty for the visitor.   ½ or full day tours.

Left Handed Hunter Tours, Gary Tso


The Zuni Pueblo has only 1 place that a person can stay, The Inn at Halona. This is a wonderful, slightly rustic B & B. They will be helpful directing you to a tour guide or anything else you might seek out. Note: The owner is Roger (ro-zhay), a Frenchman who has lived on the Zuni Pueblo for over 40 years. The staff are members of the Zuni Pueblo tribe.

The Inn at Halona, Roger Thomas


Life at the most northern edge of the continent can be experienced in the small village Kaktovik of the Inupiaq People.   This is very remote; this is 100% inculturation into the Inupiaq life experience; and it is awareness expanding to the extent that few things can be.  We have been to Kaktovik, and we highly recommend this adventure, especially if you go with an open mind and good heart.

Kaktovik Arctic Tours in Kaktovik, Alaska, Bruce Inglangasak


Southeast Alaska offers a mesmerizing experience of glaciers, protected marine waterways, rainforests, and wildlife.   Seeing it from a small boat with a truly personal crew far outweighs the typical Cruise Ship approach.

Alaska Waters Inc., The Leslie Family

Peoples of the Canadian Subarctic (Dine & Cree)

Yellowknife, Northwest Territories lies on the Great Slave Lake in Central Canada.   COLD and DARK in winter, that is exactly the right time to go visit this incredible subarctic community so as to experience-- The Culture, The Northern Lights, and the Frozen Lake and Taiga forest on snow machine tours!

North Star Adventures, Joe Buffalo Child