Raven Makes Gallery

Sisters, Oregon

Recommended Galleries

          Native American or First Nations Galleries we highly recommend

Tsakurshovi, Second Mesa on Hopi Lands, Northeastern Arizona.

Janice and Joe Day have operated the trading post-gallery-shop since 1989. It is unique in many ways, not the least of which being they have the finest collection of Kachina (Katsina) dolls anywhere, and the prices are absolutely the best to be found.   This is also a destination for tours, and the talks that Tsakurshovi offers, usually given by Paul, focus on the Hopi culture as well as the art.   Former schoolteachers ourselves, we wholly recommend the ‘lessons’ that Paul offers. We also need to say Thank You to all of them, as they were instrumental in mentoring us for over a year as we prepared to open our gallery.   They have no website, so you have to go there to acquire any works. Thank you Joe, Janice, and Paul! And … Don’t Worry, Be Hopi

All Tribes in Zuni, New Mexico

Nick and Ross own two shops in Zuni, so visit both if you go. There is a wide array of artwork, and, being in the heart of the Zuni Lands, the choices are excellent and plentiful.  The fetish collections are amazing, as good as can be found anywhere. The jewelry and Kachina collections are also exceptional.   Note: This All Tribes does not have a website, does not sell on eBay, and is not to be confused with a Native American art shop located in Gilbert Arizona that also has the name ‘All Tribes.’

Hozhoni Gallery in Flagstaff, Arizona

Whereas Raven Makes has a portion of the gallery dedicated to artists, born with life long disabilities, Hozhoni is fully dedicated to them and supporting them in all aspects of their life.   They are a non-profit.   Some works here are simply astounding; forget that the artist does or does not have a disability.  Please note: not all of their artists are Native American, if that matters to you.   

Shiprock Santa Fe in Santa Fe, New Mexico

This gallery is both contemporary and classic in its look and presentation, all at the same time. Jed Foutz, whose family has been in this very business since the late 1800’s, is the owner. Previously, and to include Jed, they lived and had trading posts on the Navajo Nation, but it is Jed who brought their business to Santa Fe.   Navajo rugs, old pawn and contemporary jewelry, and a mix of traditional antique and contemporary works make this the best all round offering of some finest Native American artwork and jewelry in the American Southwest.  

Nordwall Studio on Canyon Road, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Raymond Nordwall has a small studio halfway up Canyon Road on the right. Canyon Road is the Art Gallery epicenter of the U.S. for any type of artwork, not just Native American. We recommend Raymond because he is a brilliant painter (yes, we carry him) who can usually be found painting at his easel, but will take the time to talk with you and answer whatever questions you might have.   Thank you again Raymond!

Spirit Wrestler Gallery in Vancouver, British Columbia

Elegant and full of the most phenomenal collection of Inuit, Maori, and Northwest Coast works in a city that has many choices for these works, this is our favorite gallery in Canada.   Their attention to detail and depth of knowledge is unequaled regarding—the artists, the works, and buyers’ needs. Thank you for your words of wisdom Derek, Gary, and Nigel!

Skwacha`ys Lodge, Aboriginal Hotel and Gallery, Vancouver, BC

This gem of a boutique hotel is Canada's first Aboriginal arts hotel, and combines both art and culture in a social enterprise setting...which means the profits provide a monthly subsidy for 24 Aboriginal artists living and studio space.  Yes, it's in an emerging, diverse neighborhood, and near the edge of a marginalized and gritty section of Vancouver.  You will encounter homeless people, and if you walk the blocks to China Town, you will be immersed in a culture that exists and deserves positive attention.  Don't let this be the reason you 'avoid' this part of Vancouver. See Trip Advisor for more insight.  The Skwacha`ys Lodge gallery offers stunning works from both established and emerging artists, and each guest suite is thoughtfully designed with a visual story and top-of-the-line interior design.  

Nizhoni Ranch Gallery, Southern Arizona

Steve and Gail Gertzwiller have become legends with regard to developing and trading in Navajo rugs.  Beginning in the 70's, Steve has been a benefactor and buyer of the highest quality Navajo rugs.  During our years as teachers on the Navajo Nation and now as buyers there ourselves, whenever his name is spoken by the Dine, it is with respect and deep appreciation.   The name Gertzwiller is a very big reason why Navajo weaving has not only maintained its long established textile traditions but why some of these works must be considered fine art, even within contemporary terms.

Charley's Navajo Rugs, Just South of Fresno, California

Sometimes a hobby becomes more than just a passionate interest, it becomes a calling.  Such is the case with Charley and Navajo Rugs.  He never gave up his regular job, but he had to open a second career and that's dealing exclusively in this great textile tradition.  He's got a good eye, a deep and broad awareness about them, and a large selection of rugs.   Go on-line to see his works as that is his primary means of doing business.   Charley's rugs can also be viewed by appointment.